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Millvy’s Education series Book 1 and 2 are out now on Amazon.

More books to come in this series in 2021.


Millvy's Missing Tail - A silver cat mystery story

ABC with Millvy – English Alphabet

Millvy's Tail goes to Koro Island

ABC with Millvy – Fijian Alphabet :
Matanivola Vakaviti



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Not booked yet.

We will update these as we book in Author visits.

Book 2 being enjoyed in Fiji.

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Event 2

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Access to books in Maritime Pacific Island schools & homes

How do we increase the access to free reading books in maritime Island schools and homes?
Customs charges, at the postal counter on collection, prohibit the ability for off island people to easily donate by ‘posting’ books to a school or family.
is the future eBooks? this places a larger constant reliance on access to internet and telecoms, maintained Island towers etc.

Going on holiday to Fiji ? – 5 easy ways you can make a difference to Fiji animals

5 ways to help make a difference to Fiji animals – throw some extras household items into your suitcase, volunteer for a day….and many more suggestions at little cost to you but will make a huge difference to these charities
Go to our Contact Us form to request a free copy of the attached PDF .

Making a memories box – using recycled bits and bobs found on the beach – but LEAVE the shells behind…

In Nan’s day it was acceptable to go to the beach and collect shells. Often they were turned into treasures like this beautiful box I inherited.