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  1. MAKE A DIFFERENCE to RESCUE ANIMALS through supporting local Pacific Island charities
  2. REDUCE LEARNING POVERTY through increasing the number of books in Island homes

About The Author



Eleanor Kit is the pen name of Michelle Wade. A pen name inspired by two hardworking business minded grandmothers.

Encouraging curious minds in the preschool and primary school age group, Michelle’s illustrated children’s books have a New Zealand and Fiji theme (where we live, environment, native flora & fauna), and are inspired by her own pets.

First series Michelle has created is called “Millvy’s Missing Tail.” It follows the adventures of Millvy, a silver Maine coon cat, as he travels around the world in search of his missing tail. Social-emotional-learning (SEL) features in the themes of perseverance, being kind and making new friends.

Second series Michelle has worked on is an educational series titled “ABC with Millvy”; the alphabet in two languages, and “123 with Millvy“, counting with tally marks. This series includes activity worksheets and a teacher’s guide, providing a valuable resource for kindergarten, home schooling, educators and parents alike.

Third series in progress focuses on Millvy’s dog brothers, Copper and Charcoal, who have also appeared in a New Zealand TV series, adding more stories and adventures to the collection.

Fourth series, non-fiction, coming soon is based on the journey of designing and engineering a unique gyroplane, a venture Michelle was directly involved with. Promoting an early interest in STEM to primary – intermediate or middle grade age.

Incorporating elements of fiction and non-fiction within the same book in series one and three is aimed at creating a shared reading experience that brings together individuals with varying reading tastes and interests within a household or community setting. This idea was inspired by Michelle’s personal experience while holidaying with her older son and younger daughter, who had different reading tastes.

Born in New Zealand, Michelle has had a diverse background. She has lived and worked in countries such as Austria, the Netherlands, England, and Australia – worked in Banking, Mining and Aviation industries.

In 2001, she returned to Auckland, New Zealand, where she continues to write and create her children’s books. See https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-wade-5a50805/ for more info.

Our Team

Millvy’ illustration and design team is made up of numerous fabulous freelancers who contribute from across the globe.

Silver aka Millvy

Silver aka Millvy

Chief muse

Silver is a Maine Coon.

See Book 1 for details on Silver’s life. Where he live’s, why he has no tail….




Millvy’s brother #1.

Charcoal is a West Highland White Terrier x Scottish Terrier. 




Millvy’s brother #2

Copper is a Red Border Collie x Golden Retriever.




More team members….

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